Car Air Conditioning Service & Repair

Jaguar Air Conditioning Service and Repair
Your Air Conditioning System provides refreshing cool air on demand helping to keep you comfortable and alert whilst driving.

AWJ Automotive provide a full air conditioning recharge and service facility for air conditioning in Jaguar cars and indeed on all leading brands.

Most car manufacturers recommend that your air conditioning system is checked and serviced every two years to ensure that it works efficiently. Over a period of time the refrigerant gas can leak and may need topping up, a less efficient air conditioning system will need to work harder and may cost you in reduced fuel consumption.

An Air Conditioning System De-bug and filter change will also remove any unpleasant odours.

Nitrogen Leak Test - from £24 inc. VAT
Air Conditioning Recharge R134 Gas - from £35 inc. VAT

AWJ Automotive also offer Air Conditioning Recharge for the New Gas R1234 YF - ask for details 

Recharge your Air Conditioning - Call AWJ Automotive in Newcastle Under Lyme, Staffordshire on 01782 565620.